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New York City Bus

New York City Bus

Taking the bus in New York City is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to see the sights and to get from one exciting area of the city to another.

New York City Transit and Long Island Bus serve local and express bus routes throughout the five boroughs and in Nassau and western Suffolk counties. There are more than 4,300 air-conditioned buses in New York City Transit's fleet with routes that connect with many subway and commuter rail stations and provide good transport away from the these stations, as well as key connections to transportation hubs.

New York City buses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has more buses than any other public agency in North America. Buses accepts MetroCard and coins but not paper money. Change is not given, so exact fares must be paid.

Bus lines are identified by letters followed by numbers. The letters indicates the borough in which the line mostly operates.
New York City Bus Prefix
M - Manhattan
B - Brooklyn
Q - Queens
Bx - The Bronx
S - Staten Island

New York City Bus and Subway Fares

As of August 20, 2023

Current Fare
Updated Aug. 20, 2023
Express buses
7-Day Unlimited Express Bus Plus pass
7-Day Unlimited Ride pass
30-Day Unlimited Ride pass

** Reduced fare for eligible customers will remain half of the base fare at $1.45.

New York Borough bus service guides

Bus transfers are free from one bus to another as long as you are not reversing your journey. If you pay with a MetroCard, transfers are automatically placed on your card. If you pay cash, don't forget to ask the driver for a transfer.

All New York city buses are accessible to wheelchairs with a lift or ramp

MTA Travel Info: (718) 330-1234
Lost and Found (212) 712-4500

New York City Bus
New York City Bus
New York City Bus
MTA MetroCard

Accessibility of New York city buses

Priority seating on New York city buses

Priority seating for customers with disabilities and senior citizens is located behind the driver.

Other passengers must make these seats available upon request. Please remember that some passengers may have disabilities that are not visible.

MTA MetroCard

MetroCard is accepted on all local buses, including Limited-Stop and +SelectBusService buses.

Express buses only accept 7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard or Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard.

The coin fare collection machines on all local buses and +SelectBusService accept exact fare in coins. Dollar bills, pennies, and half-dollar coins are not accepted.

Using your MetroCard on MTA New York City Transit Buses

Hold your MetroCard with the black stripe on the right and the MetroCard name facing you. "Dip" the MetroCard into the farebox - your fare will be automatically deducted, and then the MetroCard will pop back out.

The farebox displays how much you just paid, how much money is left. If you are using a transfer, "Dip" the transfer into the farebox. The transfer however will not pop back out.

Free Transfers
Unlimited-Ride MetroCard permits free transfers between subway and local bus, local bus and local bus etc. with the exception of Express buses

Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard allows one free transfer of equal or lesser value if you complete your transfer within two hours of the time you pay your full fare with the same MetroCard.

If you pay your local bus fare with coins, ask for a free electronic paper transfer to use on another local bus.

Up to three children, 44 inches tall and under can ride free on the subway, SIR, local, Limited-Stop, and +SelectBusService when accompanied by an adult paying full fare.

Reduced-Fare for Seniors and the Disabled
Seniors 65 years of age or riders with qualifying disability are eligible for reduced-fare benefits. Benefits are available (except on peak-hour express buses) with proper identification, including Reduced-Fare MetroCard or Medicare card (Medicaid cards do not qualify).

Note: Smoking is banned in all public places throughout the City, including buses, subways, taxis bars, and restaurants.

With an Unlimited Ride MetroCard, you can hop-on hop-off New York city transit subways and local buses as many times as you like, all day long. It's the fastest, least expensive way to see all the attractions.

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