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Getting Around New York City

New York City Taxi

For a city the size of New York, getting around is easy. One of New York's best kept secret is the efficiency and success of it's public transportation system. In the city, you can get just about anywhere using public transit. The subway and bus networks are extensive and getting around New York city on the subway, train and bus lines is a unique adventure and a great way to get to know the city.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority or MTA as it's known locally operates subways, trains, and buses to just about every corner of the Greater New York area. The system covers a staggering 322 square miles, with more than 4,373 public buses.

Getting Around New York City

Below is a list of options available to you while you are in New York City

New York City Bus
New York Bus

New York City has a very extensive bus system serving the five boroughs. Taking a bus in the city is an easy way to get around, cover a lot of ground and do some sightseeing of the city.

New York City Taxi
New York Taxi

There's no shortage of taxis in New York. When you can flag down a cab anywhere in the city. Available cabs will have an illuminated white light on the roof to identify them.

New York Subway
New York Subway

Serving Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island through MTA Staten Island Railway (SIR), the New York Subway is the fastest and one of the least expensive way to get around the city.

Other ways to get Around
Staten Island Ferry

Renting a car in New York City, take a Shuttle van from the Airport or board the free Staten Island Ferry. There are many other ways to see the city that never sleeps.

NYC MetroCard
New York MetroCard

Accepted by all MTA New York City Transit trains which include subways and local buses, the MetroCard is the payment method for the New York City rapid transit system.

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