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Chicago Taxi

Chicago Taxi

With more than 6,500 vehicles, Chicago has the second largest taxi fleet in the country. Taxis are plentiful in the Loop and easy to hail. Although Chicago taxi offer a convenient way to get around the city, taking a taxi is a lot more expensive than a bus or train, but it can be worth it if you are in a hurry or for short distances. It is standard to tip the driver about 15-20 percent of the fare, plus $1-2 per bag if the driver helps you with luggage.

Both O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) offer plentiful taxi service to downtown and the suburbs. Rates range from $30 - $50 from O'Hare, and $30 - $40 from Midway. Rates vary based on travel time and are subject to change.

Chicago Taxi
Chicago Taxi

Chicago Taxi Fares

Flag Pull (base fare)
Each additional mile
Every 36 seconds of elapsed time
First additional passenger
Applies only to additional passengers aged 13 through 64
Each additional passenger
Convenience fee for electronic payment
Vomit clean-up fee
Illinois airport departure tax
Applies only to taxi fares leaving the airports

Tips are not included in fare – Tips are appreciated.
Tolls are an extra charge to the passenger.
There is no extra charge for baggage, baggage handling, or a service animal.
Cab driver may offer a flat rate fare below the meter rate.

Trips from the City to Suburbs - (not from the airport)

The rate of fare is STRAIGHT METER to the city limits PLUS 1/2 (ONE HALF) the STRAIGHT METERED FARE from the city limit to the suburban destination.

Chicago Taxi Airport Trips

For all taxi trips originating from Chicago airports, there is a $4.00 airport departure tax that is levied by the State of Illinois per trip, not per person.

Trips to the Suburbs from Chicago Airports

For trips from Chicago airports to all suburbs, except those listed below, the fare is STRAIGHT METER PLUS 1/2 (ONE HALF) the STRAIGHT METERED FARE from the airport to the suburban destination.

Trip to the following suburban destinations are straight meter fares:

Bedford Park
Blue Island
Calumet City
Calumet Park
Des Plaines
Elk Grove Village
Elmwood Park
Evergreen Park
Forest View
Harwood Heights
Hines VA Hospital
Merrionette Park
Oak Lawn
Oak Park
Park Ridge
River Grove
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Download Chicago Taxi Mobile App for iPhone or Android
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Chicago Taxi - Flat Shared Ride Rates

Two or more independent travelers may choose to share a taxi from an O'Hare International Airport or Chicago Midway Airport cab stand for a flat rate per person at the following rates:

From O'Hare to Downtown or McCormick Place:
$24.00 per person
From Midway to Downtown or McCormick Place:
$18.00 per person
From O'Hare to Midway:
$37.00 per person
From Midway to O'Hare:
$37.00 per person

Where is Downtown Chicago?
"Downtown Chicago" is 22nd Street (South), to Fullerton Avenue (North), Ashland Avenue (West), to Lake Michigan (East), and includes McCormick Place.

A minimum of two passengers and maximum of four passengers originating from specified locations and ending within specified locations for a specified flat fee per person.
Shared rides shall be in operation only at designated airport cab stands when authorized personnel are on duty.

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